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Bayt AlMamzar is pleased to announce the launch of its Patrons’ Circle. This yearly initiative was launched by long term UAE residents and collectors Ekaterina Plastinina, Polina Pristinskagia and Salvatore Lavallo and joined by curator Salem Al Suwaidi and other young professionals who prefer remaining anonymous.

The Bayt AlMamzar Patrons’ Circle approaches this initiative as an active role, one in which patrons play a vital part in supporting development through mentorship and guidance alongside their financial assistance. The Patrons’ Circle functions as an annual membership offered to individuals who want to support and take an active role in shaping Bayt AlMamzar’s activities. The initiative will have a significant impact on Bayt AlMamzar’s ability to provide opportunities for artists and curators to develop their practice and engage with the broader community, and to further allow a young generation of artists and art practitioners to focus on experimental and critical artistic development.

For the first iteration, the funds will be used to support an Exhibition Development Fellowship, an open call for small production grants and structural improvements to Bayt AlMamzar’s gallery. The Exhibition Development Fellowship will provide early career artists and curators with the opportunity to research, conceptualise, develop and produce exhibitions. The first iteration of this fellowship will run twice and result in two exhibitions hosted at Bayt AlMamzar. The fellowship aims to work with a series of external collaborators including artists, curators, gallerists, researchers and other cultural/creative practitioners and mentors. The Exhibition Development Fellowship intends to develop the necessary skills and mindset in early career practitioners towards efficacy in exhibition making, understanding the impact and value in exhibitions during their run and in terms of their legacies.

​The Patrons’ Circle of Bayt AlMamzar intends to implement further programs and initiatives that align with the values inherent in the trusteeship of grassroots collectivity, alongside Bayt AlMamzar’s mission to promote experimental creative production and foster community building.

​This initiative hopes to have a constructive and transformative impact on Bayt AlMamzar and the wider creative community and enable Bayt AlMamzar to continue pushing forward on a community level, and provide artists and curators with the support and resources they need to develop their practice.

“Having spent 8 years building my career in art I was thinking of different ways of support that can actually work, apart from supporting young artists through acquiring their works- we all hope our initiative will serve as an example for others to follow and support the ever growing UAE arts community without expecting anything in return. In the bigger picture, we would love to see more young individuals be inspired by this and join us in this cause.”

Ekaterina Plastinina


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